American Legion Disposes Old Flags

Local News

Since an American flag is never supposed to touch the ground, disposing of them becomes a problem.

The Zanesville Post of the American Legion has a solution. For the past eight years, they’ve been collecting flags that are no longer serviceable and held a special ceremony to dispose of them.

“The reason for a flag burning ceremony is so they get their proper respect,” said Kurt Agin, commander of the American Legion Post 29. “Someone can’t say they’ve taken one of our flags, so they are disposed of in a proper way.”

After the flags are burned, there is another ceremony for their burial.

“The remains are taken and buried instead of just thrown in a dumpster somewhere,” he said. “They are properly disposed of in a burial type ceremony.”

Agin says if you have a flag that needs to be disposed of, you can drop it off at the American Legion Post in Zanesville. He says flags that are worn and faded should be replaced.