60 Construction Set to Begin

Local News

Drivers be ready to see orange barrels when you head down Maple Avenue Monday.

The State Route 60 Safety Project will be underway all summer long. During that time construction areas will vary throughout the length of the road from Market Street to Kay Drive.

“It will be sporadic, you’ll see construction in one area on one day and then the next day you might see it in another area. So we always, please motorists pay attention to importance of seeing construction barrels and the workers, because their safety is at hand, as much as your safety as a motorists too,” says Kate Stickle, public information officer.

Crews will create three concrete medians and improve concrete islands and curbs.

After July 4th weekend, they’ll also work to improve signals and signs on the road, which means motorists need to pay extra attention when driving at night.

“The night closures will consist of the traffic light actually being taken down and an officer will be on duty for that location and they will have a single lane closure for that area,” she says.

Barring any accidents, there will never be a time when Maple Avenue will be fully shut down in either direction.

Construction is scheduled to be done on September 30th. To follow along as construction progresses go to the District 5 Web site for the State Route 60 Safety Project:

Muskingum 60 Safety Project Website