120 Youth Jobs In Musk. Co.

Local News

120 youths can say they have a job this summer thanks to stimulus money the Muskingum County Opportunity Center received.

It was back in May the center got word they were to be awarded $1.3 million. Just over $480,000 of that is being put to use by putting local kids to work. “All the Workforce Readiness money for stimulus is running through our office which is the Workforce Investment Act or WIA and youth has always been a big part of our program, but typically all year round but this summer we get to hire 120 kids and they will work 22 hours a week this summer for 10 weeks.”

Projects begin next Monday throughout Muskingum County, teams will either be painting, doing yard work or even working in department stores. “We’ll be working in the county, we’ll be at the Sheriff’s office painting the jail, then with the city they’ll be working on Kidsville. So hopefully there will be teams all over, they’ll see kids in these bright green shirts and we’re really hoping we can add another 50 or 60 in the next week or two.”

The kids will be making $7.30 an hour, it might be minimum wage but its an opportunity some are very thankful for. “I wouldn’t change it for the world, it helps for all the younger kids out there. I did it and you live you dream and work your way up.”

The kids participating range from 14 to 24 years old and for many it’s going to be their first job.