120 Cast Members Take Stage

Local News

This year’s Little Big Show is bringing together the young and the old to show you dreams can come true.

You follow a young girl and her friends as they get in front of the microphone for the performance of a lifetime.

The show has audience interaction and even portrays the hit reality series, America’s Got Talent, with its own version…Starbound.

Show Director Sarah Browning says the two and a half months of practice have paid off.

“Everyone has just put in so much time. To pull off a production this big, you have to make a large commitment, and everyone has been so supportive, coming to every practice, taking time out of their busy schedules to volunteer their time for the show. You know, nobody gets paid for this, ” says Browning.

The show has about 120 cast members, which is double the amount Big Brothers Big Sisters has in its show this time last year, but only 20 cast members are adults. The rest are kids.

“That’s what the show is all about, mentoring the kids into the arts, which is how we tied it into Big Brothers Big Sisters, ” says Browning.

Money from the ticket sales is going into the Big Brothers Big Sisters fund, but Browning says the organization wanted to give back to its audience. It held a 5K raffle to give away five thousand dollars during intermission.